Cogolin is a provencal and small town located in the department of Var, in the Gulf of Saint Tropez.
His name is linked, as well as Saint Tropez, in San Torpes, courtier of Nero, who arrived beheaded on a boat along with a dog and a rooster right in the area where there are the towns.

The rooster settled in a field of flax, in French “Coq au lin”, from there was born the name Cogolin.

Rich in medieval history, some remains are still visible in the upper part of the village. In the narrow streets of the center, you can find many traditional restaurants and museums.
Its territory extends along the valley of the Massiv des Maures and reaches the coast, at Marine de Cogolin et Port Cogolin. The historical center is 6 km from the coast.
Tend agriculture, with large expanses of vineyards, where it produces the Coté de Provence, Cogolin is also famous for its handicrafts, among which the achievements of pipe and carpet weaving.

Nowadays, thanks to its position with respect to the Gulf of Saint Tropez, Cogolin is emerging as the commercial hub and tertiary.

Easily accessible by highway is just a few kilometers from Saint Tropez and 2 km from Grimaud.

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