Pets (cats and dogs) of small and medium size are accepted on request, subject to prior agreement of the following conditions:

  • The acceptance of animals is possible with a credit card (prepaid are not accepted) left as guarantee,  and the acceptance signature of these conditions.
  • The final disinfection of the mobile home is free for one small pets, multiple pets or large dog may require an additional cleaning fee up to € 40.
  • This cost is applied when the pet has entered the mobile home WITHOUT climb on couches, beds and sofa, staying on the floor or in its kennel brought by customers. Also for the use of blankets, sheets and towels, they must not be used by customers for their animals.
  • After a fully inspection the possible cost of sofa covers (very expensive), bedspreads, pillowcases, armchairs is fully charged to the customer if they have been used to host dogs or cats. Unfortunately is not possible to disinfect them sufficiently. The same is for sheets, towels or blankets also.
  • Dogs, cats can not access to the beach of the camping (at the municipal discretion for the lateral beach) and must be kept on a leash.
  • The customer is responsible to third parties for any damages caused by pets.
  • Vacuum cleaner and cleaning products are available for customers who wish to remedy themselves to very deeply clean the mobile home after the stay of a pet. Such cleaning is still subject to our final inspection which must be in the standard of hygiene needed to accommodate a new customer.

Our intent is to accept animals without causing problems or costs to others customers.
Unfortunately our good faith and past experiences have caused us big expenses and complaints from following customers. For this reason the acceptance conditions of the animals are now more restrictive and include payment of tissues and coverings used in wrong way. Who is well equipped and takes care of his pets will find in our camping an ideal setting for the holiday with their little furry friends!

Thank you for your understanding.