The BEST HOLIDAY Company hereinafter called BH offers stays for the whole family, as the accommodations are specially designed for this purpose. The BH Company reserves the right to refuse any booking that does not comply with the accommodation capacity offered.
The surnames, names and age of all participants, including newborns, must be communicated at the time of booking or as an alternative to check-in. Any incorrect information may result in immediate cancellation of the reservation. The customer must still be part of the booked stay. For obvious reasons of safety (swimming pool, possibility of evacuation of the campsite in case of weather warnings etc.) and health (eg possible admission during the stay), unaccompanied minors are not admitted by the respective legal guardian. Furthermore, the company is not authorized, pursuant to Decree n. 2002-883 of 3 May 2002 on the protection of minors during school holidays and leisure stays, to guarantee group or individual stays away from the family home for children under 18 years if not accompanied by legal guardians.
Minors accompanied by their legal administrators are under the responsibility of the latter for any damage of any kind and nature declines any responsibility. It is formally forbidden to leave them alone, without supervision, inside the campsite.
Acceptance materializes only by sending a confirmation of booking by letter, or mail, from the BH Company. For this reason, the BH Company guarantees that your deposit or balance will be debited only upon registration of the booking confirmation.
The customer expressly acknowledges that the BH Company can not be held responsible in case of communication from its partners or third parties, of false, false or incorrect information that is reported in the catalog or on the website concerning the places of stay, and specifically presentation photos, quality specifications, activities, entertainment, services and access dates.
The plans and photos of the accommodation are provided as an illustration. The layout and characteristics of the rooms may vary slightly from one model to another. It is advisable to refer to the written description of the structure in the relevant accommodation section on the website to ascertain the exact composition of each accommodation. For further information, our booking service is available at the number of operators in Italy +39 3 28 83 66 218 France and other countries +33 7 72 30 77 92 english language +39 334 844 37 44.
The mobile-homes are assigned by the BH Company according to availability in order to optimize the planning. The attribution can be changed at any time before the keys are handed over.
The BH Company can not guarantee a specific place for the chosen accommodation. Therefore, the client does not have the possibility to choose the specific place of his accommodation in advance, and will not receive any assigned seat number before the start of his / her stay. Only the place, dates and type of accommodation are guaranteed.
The indication of the level of comfort attributed to the campgrounds corresponds to a classification established according to local regulations in force in the country where the camp site is located, may therefore differ from the standards defining the level in other countries. This classification is for information only.
Access to housing may be denied and the expulsion of customers may be decided if the latter show disturbing behavior and in contrast with the calm and serenity of the site.
In case of no-show on the camping day and without written communication sent by the customer to the Company within 48 hours, the BH Company reserves the right to return the accommodation to the sale.
The camping management deems it obligatory to wear a bracelet and apply a sticker to the vehicle in order to guarantee greater safety to the customers and to avoid the entry of people outside the site. This measure is valid for the duration of the stay.
It is forbidden for the use of any electrical or other accessory intended to heat rooms or to cook (bbq carbon gas, wood, space) not included in the accommodation due to possible current overloads and / or possibility of fire.
Reservations are nominative and personal. They can not therefore be the object of a sale or sublease, total or partial, without prior approval and expressed by the BH Company.
The BH Company reserves the right to cancel all bookings of a customer with whom any litigation should exist about the payment of a reservation before or due to an inadequate behavior. For reasons of safety and insurance, it is forbidden to exceed the maximum number of occupants expected for the reserved accommodation. The campsite manager will refuse any person exceeding the intended capacity. Newborns do not count as adults for the calculation of capacity. For the same reasons and for the law on the protection of health and minors it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the structures. The person making the reservation guarantees to be of legal age. The customer agrees to use this Site responsibly, in full compliance with the General Conditions of Rental and all local laws and regulations. Any possible complaint related to non-compliance of the services with respect to contractual obligations must be reported to the BEST HOLIDAY agent on site within 24 hours. If no solution is applied, the customer can send a written communication to BEST HOLIDAY within 15 days after the end of the stay 🙂 by registered letter with return receipt to the following address: … ………. ……………..-) with the contact form available at the web address … ………….. choosing the type of request. In no case if the problem is not reported to the staff who are in the camping, no back complaint will be accepted. With the deadline of 15 days after the end of the stay, no claim will be accepted. In any case, the responsibility of the BEST Company HOLIDAY may not exceed an amount equal to 20% of the price of the stay. PRICES applied prices are those indicated at the time of booking by telephone, email or on the Internet. They are susceptible to changes during the season and are expressed in euros, VAT included. PRICES INCLUDE 🙂 access to the campsite indicated on the booking form including the tourist tax, -) the rent of the accommodation with the equipment included, -) consumption of water, gas and electricity, -) access to camping facilities, animations and entertainment, -) space for a vehicle for each location. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE 🙂 all extras, such as additional car (or trailer), bed sheets, baby kit, paid activities offered by the campsite, rent of bicycles, safety deposit boxes, etc.). € 35, -) the payment of a deposit of € 350 upon check-in which will be returned at the end of the stay, The additional services that should occur due to a voluntary or involuntary extension of the stay (early arrival, conditions climate, etc.) will be charged to the customer at the rates in force. The tourist taxes are due to the municipalities and are included in the price of the stay. The campsite may request the payment of an additional departmental fee or an eco-participation. PREFACE To be able to take advantage of the services offered by the company BH, we ask you to read carefully these General Conditions of Lease. They regulate the sales of rental stays and are valid from the moment the order is placed, to the exclusion of any other condition. The Company BH reserves the right to change at any time all the requests for orders presented through the Internet site, which constitute the stipulation of a contract concluded at a distance and necessarily imply the acceptance, without restrictions or reservations, of these conditions. In any case, the version applicable to the Customer will be the one that the latter will have received in electronic format (.pdf) at the time of booking or upon arrival at the property. The present conditions will exclude any other. The reservations bind the BH Company only if they are accepted, being free to accept them or to refuse them, according to the availability and, in general, of any circumstance of a nature such as to damage the execution of the reservation carried out. The company BH informs its customers that the sale of hotel services provided for a certain date, or following a certain periodicity, are not subject to the provisions relating to the right of withdrawal of 14 days that applies to distance sales. RESERVATIONS ON WEBSITE: WWW.BESTHOLIDAY.FRIl this chapter concerns the bookings made on the website www.bestholiday.frThe customer who makes his order directly on the site, declares to accept fully and in full these General Conditions of Rental without exception, by ticking the box “I declare to have read the General Conditions of Rental” before confirming the purchases included in your cart. CONFIRMATION OF RESERVATIONS In any case, and any payment method the customer has chosen, the Company BH confirms à the receipt of the reservation, at the time of confirmation of payment and inform the customer by email or other means at its sole discretion, in accordance with article L121-19 of the consumer code. The sum due by the customer is the total indicated on the booking confirmation sent by e-mail from the BH Company to the customer. The BH Company proposes stays for the whole family, as the accommodations are specially designed for this purpose. The BH Company reserves the right to refuse any booking that does not comply with the accommodation capacity offered. The company BH considers that any booking of 3 or more lodgings and / or 12 or more persons made by the same individual or by different physical persons who know each other and travel together for the same reasons, on the same dates and in the same camping is to be considered group booking. Any group booking request must be sent via e-mail to the address specifying that it is a group booking request. The BH company reserves the right to examine the request before accepting it or rejecting it. The BH Company can not be in any way and case considered responsible for a refusal. DISPOSAL OF RESERVATIONS they are valid as long as they are published on the Website, and in any case within the limits of availability of seats. In case of non-availability of an ordered and paid stay, the client will be informed. In the event that an alternative solution agreed between the parties is not found, the stay will be reimbursed. The stays proposed for sale are described and presented as accurately as possible. Nevertheless, errors or omissions regarding the presentation can not be completely excluded. The BH Company can not in this case be held responsible in any way. The photographs and texts that illustrate the products are not contractual in nature. MINIMUM STAY OF THE STAYS In general, during the high season (from 07/07/2018 to 01/09/2018) the stays are minimum 7 days with an arrival on Saturday or on Sundays. In the low season (excluding the period between 07/07/2018 to 01/09/2018) the stays are at least two nights. Arrivals and departures are possible every day. PAYMENT DEPOSIT The booking confirmation must be done by direct payment, dedicated online platforms (PayPal, etc.) or by credit card. If the terms (5 days) have passed, the reservation pending payment will be canceled automatically. FOR ALL RESERVATIONS MADE LESS THAN A MONTH BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE STAY the total price of the stay must be paid at the time of booking. ALL BOOKINGS RECEIVED LESS THAN TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE STAY, payment must be made as follows: at the time of booking 50% of the total rental price, the balance one month before the beginning of the stay or at the time of check-in. FOR ALL RESERVATIONS LESS THAN THREE MONTHS BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE STAY payment must be made according to the following deadlines 🙂 At the time of booking: 30% of the total rental price.-) Two months before the start of the stay: 25% of the total rental.-) One month before the beginning of the stay or at the time of check-in: 45%, ie the balance of the total price of the lease. RESERVATIONS RECEIVED MORE THAN THREE MONTHS BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE STAY, payment must be made according to the following deadlines: At the time of booking: 30% of the total rental price. The balance one month before the beginning of the stay or at the time of check-in. PAYMENT METHODS THROUGH CREDIT CARD ON THE SITEThe customer is automatically put in contact on the secure site of the partner bank of the company BEST HOLIDAY: the GENERAL COMPANY, through the its partner secure platforms. Credit cards accepted are: Visa – Eurocard Mastercard. Confirmation of the booking is made when the customer clicks on “Confirm”. PAYPALPayPal helps to protect the information related to your credit card thanks to the best systems on the market for security and prevention against fraud. When you use PayPal, your banking information is never communicated to the merchant. The customer has the choice to pay at once without additional charges through this site. The option must be chosen by the customer at the time of booking and can not be added later. It implies the establishment of an account and compliance with the general conditions of use of the PayPal site. The customer will be directed to the PayPal site to finalize the secured payment. The company BH can not be held responsible for the treasury movements that could intervene on the PayPal account of which only the customer has access. CONTINUES at the time of check-in, the customer can pay using an accepted card or cash. CANCELLATION AND CHANGESThe customer is the only interlocutor responsible towards the BH Company, and specifically as regards economic responsibility , and in this case especially in the event of cancellation, or modification, total or partial stay. Any request to change the criteria of your reservation must be made in writing to the following address: highlighting the type of request. The changes concern only the current season and will be valid only upon receipt of the written answer to BH signature. If the change is not accepted, the customer must make the stay in the conditions initially agreed or cancel it. Any change request made less than 15 days before the beginning of the stay (the date of receipt of the letter by the Company BH will be accepted) will be rejected for all purposes. In the event of a change that involves a reduction of the amount ( in case of previous acceptance by the company BH) the following conditions will apply 🙂 if the change occurs 30 or more days from the date of departure of the initial stay, we will refund the difference in price to the client. -) a stay when started is however considered due for the total price. There are no discounts for late arrivals or early departures.) If the change of stay before the start of the stay is due to the Company, the customer can: accept to participate in the modified stay (dates, place of stay and / or type of stay) accommodation), or may renounce the stay itself and obtain a refund equal to the total amount paid. In case of a surcharge on the price of accommodation, BH undertakes to bear the price difference. In case of lower cost, BH undertakes to reimburse the price difference to the customer. If you wish to cancel your stay. BH will then reimburse all the amounts paid. If the cancellation (the date of receipt of the letter by the company BH will be valid) is made 🙂 More than 30 days before your stay: you will not be charged, -) the 29th and the 5th day included before your stay: you will be charged 75% of the total cost of the stay with the exception of the costs of practice incurred by us, -) Between 5th day and the date of check-in no refund will be expected. LIABILITY The customer is the only interlocutor responsible towards the BH Company and specifically as regards economic responsibility, and in this case especially in the event of cancellation, or modification, total or partial of the stay. The BH Company can not be held responsible for the non-execution of a lease in the event of force majeure, disruption or general or partial strike, especially for postal services and means of transport and / or communication, etc. The BH Company can not accept any claim or make any reimbursement, for any non-compliance or improper performance of the service provided, imputable or to the customer, or a third party unrelated to the service, or in the event of force majeure. The BH company can not be held liable for damages caused by natural events unpredictable and random as hail, flooding, flooding, lightning, earthquakes, fall trees or parts of they, forest fires, landslides and landslides, etc. The BH Company can not be held liable for indirect damages deriving from loss of operations, profit, opportunities or damages and expenses connected to the aforementioned factors. By accepting these General Conditions of Rental, the customer expressly authorizes and free of charge (for less than a prohibition expressed at check-in) the BH company to be accidentally photographed or filmed during their stay and to use on any type of support such photos, video or audio, for a period of 5 years. This authorization also applies to all persons hosted by the client. Its purpose is to guarantee the national and international promotion of BH structures on its websites, its brochures, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, its commercial presentations or within the tourist guides. LEGAL TERMINALS (EXTRACTS) The news communicated by the customer during his order will not be transmitted to any third party. This information will be considered by the BH Company as confidential. They will be used only by the internal services of the BH Company, for the treatment of your reservation and to reinforce and personalize the communication and the offer of the services offered to the customers of the BH Company. In accordance with the computer law of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right to access, rectify and oppose personal data that concern him. To make this request, he must request it by e-mail to the following address indicating the name, surname and address: General terms of lease drawn up in Aix en Provence on 09/10/2017 (latest version in force) . USE OF THE SITE All requests for orders presented through the website constitute the signing of a contract concluded at a distance and necessarily imply the acceptance, without restrictions or reservations, of these conditions. The client certifies to the Company BEST HOLIDAY to be of age, of have the necessary authorizations to use the payment method, which the customer has indicated when confirming his order. Access to and use of this site are granted for the sole purpose of booking stays offered by the Company BEST HOLIDAY The Customer agrees to use this Site responsibly, in full compliance with the General Conditions of Rental and all local laws and regulations , including those that regulate the import / export. No part of the site, without any exception, may be used as a trademark or service, with purposes related to pornography, illegal, defamatory, for purposes that have as their purpose the meddling in private or public life of any subject, and even less to violate individual, trademark, registered or service property rights or other individual property rights of any person or entity. The user also agrees not to use this site to disclose products or services that could be offensive, illegal, harassing, slanderous, threatening, harmful, obscene, malicious or otherwise reprehensible. The BEST HOLIDAY Company may discontinue the services provided to customer who was surprised in the act of using the BEST HOLIDAY Company services for purposes that are not appropriate or illegal. Any downloading, holding, publishing or distribution of any part of the website content is expressly prohibited. The customer is personally responsible for the use made of the content of the site. The customer agrees not to include in the content of this site texts, images, drawings, trademarks or service marks or works that belong as intellectual property right to third parties, without first obtaining the specific authorization of the owners of the aforementioned rights. At the time of the request for service carried out on the site, the customer ensures that he has all the rights, permissions and the authority necessary to make a request for the order in question. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep his password in person and to monitor how he / she accesses his / her personal account. The customer also declares to be responsible for all bookings made on the site and other actions carried out by his client account. The customer acknowledges that the company BEST HOLIDAY can not be held responsible for information and stays proposed on the Site. Although BEST HOLIDAY Company does its best to keep the service operational, it can not offer any guarantee regarding the continuity of access to its Internet Site, and therefore declines any responsibility for direct and / or indirect damages caused by the lack of access , total or partial, or from those that may derive from the use of the service by the user online. The BEST HOLIDAY Company can not under any circumstances be held responsible for any damage deriving from data loss, or for information received from the BEST HOLIDAY Company of risks of any kind regarding the use or operation of the site, or even of an inability in providing a stay that you have requested from the BEST HOLIDAY Company, including, and not limited to, damage caused by errors, viruses, delays or service interruptions. In the same way the BEST HOLIDAY Company can not be held criminally or civilly liable for the consequences resulting from inappropriate or unauthorized use of the Website or its content by users or any other third party. The customer assumes full responsibility for damages that could be claimed by third parties. IMPORTANT – TO BE READ BEFORE DEPARTURE Upon arrival (between 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm), it will be necessary: ??- To present yourself at the reception of BEST HOLIDAY with your booking printed or saved on the Smartphone presenting the relevant documents in progress, – Solder the taxes and expenses not included in the price (sheets, towels, kit.ecc) unless you have your own equipment, – Depositing the deposits, During the stay, the customer undertakes to respect and enforce the people who share housing with him the set of provisions contained in the regulation or inside the campsite and the BH company of stay. Access to housing may also be denied and the expulsion of customers may be decided if the latter manifest harassment and in contrast with the calm and serenity of the reception site or in the presence of violations of internal regulations. In this case, neither partial nor total refunds will be granted. The BH Company and the campsite are not comparable to hoteliers, and can therefore under no circumstances be held responsible for loss or theft of personal items, injuries or damages that may occur guests or their personal belongings during the stay. The minors are under the protection of their legal guardians therefore the company BH declines any responsibility for direct or indirect damages, the proper or improper use of equipment, tools and anything else present in the structure or granted in use during their stay. The customer is invited to contact their insurance company to extend the multi-risk policy of their home to the accommodation occupied in the campsite. The Client is also advised to take out liability insurance with a company of his choice or to be personally responsible for the risks involved. After registering the arrival, a member of staff will accompany the customer and give him the keys of the lodging, the card with the inventory. It is up to the customer to check his accommodation (inventory, cleaning, etc.) and to report any inconvenience to the BH agent present. The staff will do their best to quickly remedy them. No accident occurring during the stay will be taken into account if it has not been declared to the BH agent within 24 hours. The departure must be between 08.00 and 11.00. evening before departure, the customer must make an appointment at reception to proceed to the inspection before his departure. Appointments are generally set every quarter of an hour between 8.00am and 11.00am. Final cleaning does not include washing dishes and kitchen utensils, which must be returned in a normal state of cleanliness. Otherwise cleaning costs in € 20 could be deducted in addition to € 35 agreed for cleaning at the end of the lease. In the same way any item broken, lost or damaged during the stay will be charged. The sum of € 50 will be deducted from the guarantee deposit if the accommodation is not rendered in a normal state of cleanliness.In case of departure outside normal hours, BH staff will be the only one to judge the state of cleanliness of the accommodation. is returned in good condition, the guarantee deposit will be returned in full upon departure. In the opposite case, the deposit will be collected partially or totally. Any damage found will be retained by the guarantee deposit. A supporting invoice will be sent to the customer. In case of exceeding the amount of the deposit, a supplement must be paid by the customer. Please note that smoking is strictly forbidden inside the mobile-homes. Guests must leave the site before 10.00 pm on the day of check-out.