Webcam Port Grimaud in le Prairies de la mer.

24/04/2016  the webcam is live again for 2016 season. 

The webcam is located in the camping village Les Prairies de la mer on the beach of Port Grimaud. The webcam takes up to 5 minutes to load, depending on traffic.

The webcam is active during the season. You can see the resort Les Prairies de la mer from Best Holiday office. Webcam is located close to Port Grimaud entrance, behind the supermarket. BEST HOLIDAY MOBILE HOMES IN LES PRAIRIES DE LA MER, PORT GRIMAUD


Partners for this webcam:

 Webcam und Livecam Verzeichnis fuer die Urlaub und Reise Vorbereitungen.  kamery internetowe, webcams

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  1. Anna

    Eccoci! Finalmente un po’ di sole

  2. Chris Baldock

    Your webcam has had a knock and is viewing sideways

  3. Chris Baldock

    could you adjust webcam for a better view? the tree spoils it

  4. admin

    Sorry about that we have to move it to another place but it’s not easy

  5. Chris Baldock

    That would be great if you could. We are visiting you in 3 weeks time for a weeks stay

  6. admin

    It should be a bit better now…

  7. Chris Baldock

    Thats fab thank you!!


    OK per la webcam MEGLIO DI PRIMA. Suggerisco mettere una IN ALTO che si veda , PER LA PRIVACY solo il mare, Grazie.

  9. admin

    La webcam è ben segnalata con un cartello a norma. Per sicurezza inoltre tutte le zone comuni del campeggio sono videosorvegliate.

  10. Bob

    Come on Guys. You can do better than this. See you soon. Bob.

  11. Hans

    Why the webcam is not active?

  12. admin

    Thanks for writing to us. It looks like there is a network error at our provider. I’m trying to sort this out.

  13. Robi

    La webcam non funziona

  14. admin

    Hello all our Webcam is active again! Unfortunately the problem is our Adsl provider that reset our settings sometimes without advice.

  15. Manfred

    the webcam in the last years had a better position!

  16. Ron

    The camera points a little tot high !

    By, see you soon????

  17. Robi

    La webcam non funziona 🙁

  18. admin

    Hai ragione , grazie della segnalazione. Manca corrente , sto cercando di intervenire

  19. admin

    Ora funziona, spero stabilmente.

  20. Robi

    Ora é ok ????????????

  21. admin

    si cribbio! almeno spero! non si vede?

  22. Robi

    É okkkk

  23. Manfred

    the webcam is out of order!!!

  24. Robi

    Non funziona 🙁

  25. Manfred

    The webcam is anothertime out of Order
    Do You Not wach it?

  26. Robi

    Non funziona la webcam

  27. Vilis

    Been trying all week – no webcam! When will it be working again?

  28. Karl

    Leider kein Bild der WebCam vorhanden. Schade, war immer sehr informatif

  29. admin

    Dear Hansen the zone was not covered by internet for few times unfortunately. Now it seems ok again. thanks

  30. Karen

    Hello there,

    We have been Harley Davidson visitors to Prairie de la Mar on numerous occasions since it all began back in 2001 and always say what a fantastic site you have. We hopefully will be there next year in 2015. We look at your webcam often and think how good it would be if you and your counterparts could extend the views.
    Thank you anyway x

  31. Hajo

    The webcam dort work

  32. Hans

    Been trying all week – no webcam! When will it be working again?

  33. admin

    I can see it working. Please wait 5 minutes that the page loads. Let me know. Thanks

  34. arno

    Hi there,
    Your webcam does’nt work

  35. arno

    It won’t load at all

  36. admin

    You are right. Our beach connection let two user to see the webcam at the same time. Please refresh if it’s not working.

  37. Sal

    Its great to see the webcam is on again but could you angle the webcam up a bit so we can see more than the road thankyou.

  38. admin

    we are working on it thanks

  39. Sal

    That would be great, thanks very much for your prompt reply, we are coming again in July and watching the webcam keeps us going.

  40. Karl

    WEB-Cam ist ein wenig zu tief – man sieht fast nur die Straße. Ansonsten super, daß die WEB Cam wieder installiert ist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. admin

    A camping car crashed the webcam and broke its support. We have to change it , reorder… it will take a while…thanks!

  42. KARIN

    Die web cam bitte besser ausrichten. Wäre Super von euch!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Walti

    Schade,dass niemand die Webcam besser ausrichtet!

  44. admin

    We are waiting for a new webcam that we can position better. The actual one has been damaged

  45. Walti

    Tolle Bilder mit der neuen Kamera

  46. Hans

    Wat een schitterende beelden met de nieuwe camera!
    Zo kom je in de vakantiestemming.
    Thanks to Bestholiday!!!!

  47. Manfred Hansen

    your new webcam shows a very good view
    the time is greenwich time
    i think in france iit is greenwich + 1!

  48. admin

    It is gmt +2 for legal hour. But we prefer to leave it in the default because not sure how to change it..

  49. bert

    Staat vaak stil

  50. admin

    Webcam has no audio

  51. Hansen

    The webcam doesn’t work another times!

  52. admin

    Dear Hansen
    It looks fine for me. I’ve tried from the phone and from the desktop. What browser are you using? I underline to you that this is a free voluntary service with no warranty.

  53. Bob


  54. admin

    We increased the quality of the webcam image, what do you see wrong?

  55. Bob

    Thank You For Asking. But loading is Very Very Slow. There are Four Black Squares obscuring the picture and we can not see the coming and going at the Supermarket ! I hope this helps.
    Kind Regards Bob.

  56. Bob

    Plus you can not Enlarge the Image to get a bigger picture !

  57. admin

    Dear Bob these changes have been made by choice to better protect the privacy of people… thanks anyhow

  58. admin

    Same choice as below

  59. Nicoline Hoorn

    Super leuk om via de webcam naar beelden op de camping te kijken.
    Zo kom je echt in de vakantiestemming en achteraf krijg je heimwee naar dit heerlijke land!
    Maar volgend jaar zijn we er weer!

  60. admin

    Dank u zeer, hopen u volgend jaar

  61. Jan

    Hi, at night, there are some spider webs or mess in front of webcam lens. So picture at night is overexposed due to this stuff. Clean it up 🙂
    Anyway, i am returning every day to this webcam since my holiday in camp last week.

  62. roman

    what this squares? it isn’t possible to give the camera on the beach?

  63. admin

    Good point Roman. Maybe La plage de Pampellone nudist beach woulb be even better! 🙂 We’re trying to do the opposite and defend guests privacy

  64. admin

    I don’t think it’s that the problem but the lens fog . Anyhow unfortunately in a week with the end of the season we’ll have to shut down the webcam until next spring 🙁

  65. Nicoline Hoorn

    Hi there,

    Can you tell me what is the last day we can visit your webcam?
    From the day we return home, I have visited your webcam almost every day.
    I hate the idea, it is shutting down till next spring.
    We enjoyed our time in France and
    we will coming back next year!

    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  66. admin

    Dear Fam. Hoor unfortunately the camera has been switched off because the season is finished and there is a cut of electricity. See you next year !

  67. Sally

    Will the camera be on again soon I miss it a lot

  68. admin

    The camera is now working under Firefox browser. We still have some issues under Chrome, Safari etc. We have a support request open with our supplier and we hope they’ll answer soon. thanks

  69. Hoorn

    Hi there,

    We were happy to see the camera is on again for this year.
    Is it correct that the camera has been moved to another place? Will it stay there?

    Greetings from Fam. Hoorn from the Netherlands.

  70. admin

    Yes, the camera moved to the location of the map published here. Unfortunately, we have low bandwidth and often it turns not to be available for all visitors.

  71. Karen

    The previous view was much more active which makes me realise how much i miss not being there and makes me want to return. However the current view makes me feel… nothing, which is a real shame.

  72. Bob

    This brings back so many happy memories of when we used to come by coach with Club Cantabrica years ago. Great view as it used to be. Wish We were there now. Thanks for WebCam it’s great.

  73. Bob

    Hello Again.
    Has the Web Cam been turned off ?

  74. admin

    Dear Bob
    the webcam is having too much traffic and it is having problems. Sorry about that we are looking for a solution

  75. Hoorn

    Hi there,

    Perhaps it’s an idea to bring it back to the previous place location.
    That location was a nice one, there was a lot of activity till the evening and nice to see when you’re still in the Netherlands and wishing you were already there!.

    Fam. Hoorn

  76. Bob

    Sooo Good To See Port Grimoud Again

  77. Bob

    Webcam back on but can you show a better view please ? It was OK as it was !!

  78. Sali

    Is the camera going to be up and running this season

  79. sally

    Hello, will the webcam be on again for 2018 season, and if so when.


    Hi, we just finished renovating the reception, we will have webcams soon!


    Hi, we just finished renovating the reception, we will have webcams soon!

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